Dear customers

we would like to invite you to our CD Bazar Krakovská.

The shop was opened on 31st of August 1998. From the very beginning we buy and sell only original CD's, LP's, DVD's and video tapes that have been put in official distribution by the original publisher. We don´t buy or sell any burned or copied media. We take great efforts in controlling every media we get for its quality. We offer one week warranty.

We not only sell music - every customer can discuss it or obtain informations from our highly professional staff.

We offer more than 20.000 CD's , all in alphabetical order.

The CD's are to be found in different departments - there is international rock & pop department, Czech rock & pop department, the club scene department, classical music department, soundtracks department, plus various sampler department.

There are special jazz, hip hop, country, and blues corners.

We offer both music and movie video tapes and DVD's and vinyls.

The stuff you buy we send not only in the Czech republic but worldwide.