Terms and conditions of use

  1. There's a possibility that the item you would like to order has already been sold to anybody else.
  2. Are there more items you would like to buy please leave your phone number or e-mail address in case we don't have the items you want. We let you know as we get it.
  3. The goods we sell is under warranty. We take full responsibility for any damage caused by the post or for any defects in manufacture. The goods are sent COD (cash on delivery). Please add postal charge - for one CD it is 63 Kč, for two or more add 73 Kč.
  4. You can order and take your music in our shop as well.
  5. If you buy or order you can get the customer card for 5 % discount (if you pay more than 1.000 Kč) or 10% (more than 3.000 Kč).
  6. We buy and sell ONLY ORIGINAL stuff. We don't lend any of it. We pay in cash - the money you get for goods you sell depends on what you sell and its quality. We are not VAT payers.